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Doesn't my insurance company have to choose my repair shop?

Absolutely not! While there are networks of approved repairers for collision repairs, and direct repair options presented to policy holders when they make a claim, the insured’s right to choose will always be upheld.

Precision Panelwork Ltd has a close relationship with all major insurance companies and has a reputation of quality, service, and integrity.

If the insurance company's estimate is lower than the repair shop's, do I have to pay the difference?

Your Insurance company must negotiate with your choice of shop to arrive at an agreed price for repairs.

A professional Collision Repair Specialist will be an advocate for their customer by working with an insurer to document and identify physical damage.

Precision Panelwork Ltd will never charge an amount higher than the amount paid by an insurance company, however, you are responsible for the payment of your insurance excess.

If my car's chassis is damaged, will it ever be the same again?

The Collision repair industry has come a long way with regard to structural repairs. Years ago, a car with a bent chassis was often considered a total loss due to the lack of equipment and training in these types of repairs. Some vehicles with bent structural members were returned to their owners without the necessary corrections made.

These cars wore out tyres prematurely, tracked erractically, or were otherwise unsafe. Modern vehicles today are held to much tighter tolerances. For example, the average Toyota will vary in dimensions as little as 3mm from car to car. Current build standards demand new repair technology and skills in collision repair. Our ‘Car-O-Liner’ Chassis Machine and Measuring System will return your car’s chassis to the exact tolerances of the original manufacturer.

Don't I have to use the the repair shop with the lowest price?

No. The choice of repair shop is entirely up to you. The repair shop with the lowest estimate is not necessarily the best place to have your car repaired.

When one considers the safety issues involved in collision repair, and the considerable investment one has in their vehicle, the value of quality repairs becomes clear.

A modern, well-equipped collision repair centre represents an enormous investment in equipment, training and people. As often is the case with goods & services, you get what you pay for.

Will my car ever be the same after my accident?

Absolutely! It is our job, as your Collision Repair Technicians, to restore the safety, function, and apperance of your car to pre-accident condition.

Using the latest in repair technology, your car is structurally returned to its original factory specifications and tolerances.

Then it is refinished using the finest Metalux paints which, in many cases, will actually surpass the original finish in corrosion prevention and gloss retention.

But the paint never matches, right?

We are skilled with the latest Colour Matching Systems, Guaranteed to match any colour perfectly.

Doesn't an accident lower the value of my car?

A cheap or poor repair will definitely lower the value of your car, and can lead to premature failures, inconvenience, and liability.

Our primary concern is safety, and also value retention. You can be assured that the quality of our repairs will return your car to the way it was before your accident.